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What is vizbl.art’s purpose?

Our Mission is to create top quality 3D models and 2D cutouts for gaming engines, Arch Vis artists, and advertising creatives.

What are vizbl.art’s main activities?

We create 3D models and 2D cutouts. All our assets are 100% produced in house. We figure out what our customers need. We find the refences (plants, trees), and models. We take the original photographs. We ensure that we have full model release and publicity rights. We use the images to create high quality 3D digital models and 2D cutouts. We licence images to our customers. Every pixel is produced and owned by us.

What is special about vizbl.art’s assets and products?

In short, Diversity and Quality. We seek to produce the highest quality assets which fully represent the diversity of our wonderful planet. Whether 2D human images or 3D plant representations, we aim to make sure that no one and nothing is under-represented.

How often do you produce new products and how can I be notified?

How often do you produce new products and how can I be notified?

Where is vizbl.art based?

We are based in the vibrant city of Johannesburg. We are proud to be building an exciting new business in a city that is both a melting pot of cultures and at the forefront of building a courageous new South Africa. Additionally, Joburg is famous for its abundance and diversity of trees!

What is vizbl.art’s story?

We are in lockdown baby! We officially incorporated on 06 April 2020. We are a group of visual artists who are passionate about quality and understand what our colleagues around the world need to add life and realism to their commercial creations. We think that we have a pretty good handle on what is wanted and what is missing, however, we love to learn so please get in touch and let us know where we can help you out! Email info@vizbl.art.

Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) on vizbl.art website?

Vizbl.art owns 100% of the IP for all the assets on our website. Every pixel is produced in house by us. We own the copyright and publicity rights for everything on our website.

Do all the assets have full model release?

Yes, we only use professional models who have given us full model release.

Why do I need to register for an account?

You need to register for an account so that we can protect our intellectual property. By registering for an account you agree to our Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Who can register for an account with vizbl.art?

Any human can register an account with vizbl.art. Accounts are for the use only of the named individual who signed up for the account. You can not share an account with other people. Companies, teams or other non-humans are not permitted to open an account with vizbl.art. When you purchase products from us, we license our IP to the individual account holder who made the purchase.

How do I register for an account on vizbl.art?

Click on the “Register” button and follow the instructions. You will receive an activation email to activate your account. After you activate your account by clicking the link in the email, you are ready to use vizbl.art.

Who else is entitled to use my account?

Only you may use your account. Accounts are for the use of the individual account holder. You can not share the use of your account or the products that you buy from us. You should keep your password secret and not share your password or access to your account with anyone else.